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Neighbors, 2019

BRICS Co-Production produced by master filmmaker Jia Zhangke



Five segments about the theme ‘Neighbors’: not only about physical proximity, but also about relationships. The Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke continues his film project that reunites short movies from the countries of the BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, under his banner Xstream Pictures. The film premiered at Pingyao International Film Festival and was screened at the São Paulo International Film Festival and Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles. 

The films include Olga’s Family by Beatriz Seigner (Brazil), To Stumble by Alexander Zolotukhin (Russia), For Each Other by Rima Das (India), The Neighbours by Han Yan (China) and Sizohlala by Jenna Bass (South Africa).



She’s an earnest shop owner, he’s a flamboyant tempo driver. Together they pave the way to connect the quaint neighborhood in Assam to the outside world. But what happens when the comfortable arrangement is disrupted. Will they still be there for each other?

For Each other Poster 2 Final_edited.jpg

When I got to know the theme for the BRICS film is Neighbors, at that very moment I knew on what foundation my story would be built. I have fond memories of a strong sense of community in my neighborhood – the one-on-one interactions people have on a daily basis, being involved in each other’s lives through joys and sorrows, through fights and differences, sometimes they are for and sometimes they are against each other.


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