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Kids & Glory, 2019

BRICS Co-Production produced by Lu Chuan, launched at the 11th BRICS Summit


Esteemed filmmakers from BRICS nations came together to tell stories of how the children from their respective countries of their pursue sporting dreams. Produced by Lu Chuan, the film was launched in 2019 during the 11th BRICS Summit in Brazil. 

The films were directed by acclaimed filmmakers - Tiago Arakilian (Brazil), Nastia Tarasova (Russia) Shen Zhao Qing, Zhao Han (China) Shane Vermooten (South Africa) and myself, Rima Das (India) and produced by Lu Chuan, as part of this cross-cultural initiative.

We set out to tell the stories of children who play Under-14 cricket and are passionate about it. Through our film, we explored how their zest for the game motivates them to achieve their dreams on field and off it.


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Five countries came together to tell the story of the love and dedication budding sports players have to achieve the same dream. Cricket being such a huge craze in India it was only obvious, we made our film on Cricket while the other BRICS nations set their films on Football. It was exciting shooting in Mumbai with this bunch of passionate Under 14 cricketers. Their zest to make it big is very inspiring. 

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