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Tora's Husband, 2022

First Indian film to be part of Platform section at  Toronto  International Film Festival, named after Jia Zhangke's second feature the competition section celebrates auteurs


Tora's Husband - a loving father and a kind neighbour, struggles to keep his small-town business afloat while his relationships deteriorate, amidst loss and lockdowns.

The film had its World Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2022,  in the prestigious Platform competition section, the Asian Premiere was at Busan International Film Festival 2022 and Indian Premiere at Kolkata International Film Festival 2022.


Tora's Husband__low res-Poster_edited.png


I felt as a filmmaker I have the means to tell the stories of these times. I wanted to tell the stories of common people whose lives and livelihood are directly or indirectly affected by the pandemic, yet they have to keep going.  

In the midst of loss, lockdowns and life, we shot the film over two years in real locations and natural conditions. The cast and crew were dealing with constant feeling of fear and restlessness. Often it was impossible to focus with so many things happening around. But I just had to make this film, as this time will become history one day.

The story of my protagonist also reflects my personal experiences living and working during the pandemic. I lost my father during the initial days of shooting the film and this film in a way became cathartic in dealing with the grief. I dedicate this film to my father and all those who have lost their loved ones during the pandemic.

  • Toronto International Film Festival 2022 - World Premiere in Platform Competition section

  • Busan International Film Festival 2022 - Asian Premiere

  • Sydney Film Festival, 2023 - Australia Premiere

  • Asia Pacific Screen Awards, 2023 – BEST DIRECTOR NOMINATION

  • Osaka Asian Film Festival 2023 - Japanese Premiere

  • Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival 2023

  • World Film Festival of Bangkok 2022 - Thailand Premiere

  • Hainan Island International Film Festival 2022 - Chinese Premiere

  • Kolkata International Film Festival 2022 - Indian Premiere

  • Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, 2023

  • Pune International Film Festival 2023

  • Bengaluru International Film Festival 2023

  • Women’s International Film Festival, 2023 (Kerala State Chalachitra Academy)

  • P K Rosy Film festival 2023, Chennai

  • Festival de cine Al Este (Eastern Film Festival) 2023, Peru

  • Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival (MISAFF), 2023, Canada        

  • Habitat Film Festival, New Delhi 2023

  • Nitte International Film Festival 2023 (Mangaluru)

  • Jagran Film Festival 2023

  • Kala Ghoda Film Festival 2023

  • Semana International Film Festival 2023, Spain

  • Dharamshala International Film Festival, 2023

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