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My Melbourne, 2024

An international production supported by Vicscreen and Screen Australia, helmed by iconic Indian filmmakers, filmed in Melbourne with an Australian cast and crew


My Melbourne.png

Themed around the four pillars of diversity—sexuality, gender, disability, and race—the anthology film My Melbourne features four unique diverse stories based on true incidents. My Melbourne is a truly inclusive feature film, celebrating diverse voices and talents. Four iconic Indian filmmakers — Onir, Rima Das, Imtiaz Ali, and Kabir Khan worked with emerging creatives from underrepresented backgrounds to create this film about identity and belonging based on authentic migrant experience. My Melbourne is scheduled to premiere at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne in August 2024.

Emma, a talented deaf dancer, grapples with self-doubt and discrimination until a chance encounter with another deaf dancer inspires her to embrace her uniqueness and find her inner strength.



It was a very emotional experience, dealing with everything sensitively and trusting the process. The theme of our film is disability and we wanted to keep it authentic. We worked with a mix of senior actors and relatively new actors, including members of the deaf community. It was challenging but gradually, it all started falling in place. I am happy with the outcome and look forward to seeing how the audience receives the film. I hope it initiates dialogue about how we can be more inclusive in all walks of life, including art where people with disabilities too can freely express themselves. The Producer, Mitu, the mentee director, Samira, the entire cast and crew from Australia worked together with me towards a common goal of making a very special film. My sincere gratitude to Vicscreen and Screen Australia for supporting this endeavour.

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